AI-Powered Restaurant Analytics Solution


About Solution

About Solution

We work with a plethora of cutting-edge technologies to provide our clients with the best experience possible. We offer end-to-end data analytics and machine learning services across diverse domains using modern data platforms and tools.

From back-office operational efficiency to delivering the right customer experience, this restaurant analytics platform covers all vital points that drive your decision-making at every level.

An Ideal Analytics Platform For Restaurants Of All Sizes

Gain real-time visibility into important metrics across restaurant chains and all locations along with operations, safety, performance, and the entire customer journey using restaurant analytics reports to stay ahead of the curve.
360 Deg

360-Degree View of Business

Track all important KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) across major areas of the restaurant business such as customer, finance, operations, sales, and marketing

Restaurant Location

Manage All Restaurant Locations

Using this analytics solution for restaurants, you can manage operations across all locations and franchisor stores with access to real-time data analytics.

Clear Picture Finance

Clear Picture Of Finance

Collect and analyze all sales data from POS terminals, ordering apps, and restaurants and convert it into actionable insights to make informed decisions.

Monitor Business Health And Performance

Access data anywhere on mobile and desktop devices and monitor performance on the go. Get real-time insights into business productivity and performance.

Key Modules Of Restaurant Analytics Solution

Sales Analytic

Sales Analytics: Monitor Sales In Real-Time

Track sales in real-time across multiple locations and geographies. Find your top-selling menu and orders by using sales data, menu analytics, and customer analytics. Increase revenue by focusing on more profitable dishes and combinations and create data-driven strategies to drive more sales.

Customer Analytics: Deliver Personalized Experiences

Know your customers better by looking into various data points such as guest spend, new reservations, repeat customers, customer feedback, items ordered, last visit, and so on. Create personalized marketing campaigns and strategies to increase customer retention and loyalty.

Menu Analytics: Optimize Menus That Appeal To Customers

Get insights into menus with combinations, mixes, and product associations that are popular and more profitable. Unearth hidden insights into customers’ preferred dishes, menu positions, cost analysis, and which menu items are selling more on which days/months during a year.
menu analytics
Restaurant Sales

Restaurant Marketing Analytics: Measure, Monitor, And Manage

Study vital metrics in data to design marketing strategies and determine marketing ROI. Dive into details of marketing impacts and evaluate the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Use various data points to understand customer trends, preferences, and competition to improve ROI.

Operations Analytics: Exceed Customer Expectations

Gain real-time access to data and important operations KPIs to improve efficiency and streamline everyday operations. Control important aspects such as inventory, orders, pricing, preparations, time, services, and clean-up using data-rich dashboards to deliver exceptional customer experience.

Food Safety Analysis: Ensure Food Safety And Quality

Maintaining food safety is one of the top priorities of the restaurant industry. Continuously evaluate and monitor food safety standards and programs to ensure you meet the highest food safety standards. This dashboard addresses potential issues and improvement areas by monitoring vital safety metrics.
AI Based

AI-Based Competitive Food Pricing Analysis

Determine the overall food cost and pricing strategies for your restaurant using AI-powered insights. This restaurant analytics platform helps restaurant owners strategize pricing based on competitor analysis, profit margins, and overall food costs including ingredients and preparation. Design a better pricing strategy and forecast accurately to ensure you are hitting profit targets.

Strategic Marketing Efforts For Higher Value Orders Using Anomaly Detection

Every restaurant chain needs to streamline marketing efforts based on various factors such as high-value orders, areas with the highest order frequency, repeat ratios, and so on. This solution uses anomaly detection to spot high-value orders and better serve them by directing marketing efforts toward those users.

Using analytics

Analytics To Help Open New Restaurant: Make Your Business More Profitable

Analyze the potential of new restaurants using guest demographics, locations, and customer footfalls using this solution. Find the best potential location for a new restaurant based on the insights, analysis, and competition. Compare various sites and factors to choose the best that meets your criteria.


Restaurant Sales Forecast With Keeping An Eye On Inventory

By analyzing historical data, identifying trends, and understanding customer behavior, this restaurant analytics solution predicts sales. Sales forecast helps restaurant owners effectively manage inventory, staff, menus, and so on. Plan better, serve better, and manage better with restaurant sales forecast.


Increase Operational Efficiency And Improve Business Operations

Track vital metrics such as cost, time, orders, labor, and inventory turnover ratio to identify bottlenecks and improvement areas. By gaining visibility into metrics such as time between order placement and preparation, average dine-in waiting time, inventory levels, and staff productivity, restaurant owners can ensure efficient operations and increase operational efficiency.

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