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Machine Learning Services

Ridgeant is your trusted advisor for end-to-end ML services and solutions. Our expertise in MLOps helps modern organizations embrace machine learning and artificial intelligence to gain a competitive edge.
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Our Wide-ranging Machine Learning Services

Explore the limitless possibilities of AI and Machine Learning ranging from natural language processing to recommendation systems, and embark on a journey of data-driven transformation.

Predictive Analytics

We offer custom predictive analytics services that help you become proactive and predict potential outcomes based on the data. We use cutting-edge technologies, machine learning, and statistical modeling to determine the likelihood of future events.
Predictive Analytics

Recommendation Systems

We build recommendation systems after thoroughly understanding your goals, users, products, and platforms. We build recommendation systems that scale with the data and offer better and more precise recommendations.

NLP Services

Extend business capabilities, simplify mission-critical business processes, and increase productivity with Natural Language Processing Services by Ridgeant. Our data science and NLP experts have developed NLP solutions across a variety of industries.
NLP Services

Document AI

With the use of advanced technologies and proven techniques, we offer Document Intelligence to read, understand, and analyze a large volume of unstructured data from documents, emails, and other resources.
Document AI

Deep Learning

Ridgeant’s deep learning services help businesses analyze data and perform image recognition, video analytics, natural language processing, and speech recognition to achieve feature generation automation.

Custom AI

Our custom-built models and AI development simplify your business-critical processes in a secure and scalable manner. Our custom AI capabilities include image and sound recognition for different use cases and industries.

Conversational AI

By combining machine learning and NLP, our proficient engineers create chatbots that mimic human interactions, translate languages, and talk to users. Develop a chatbot for your business and increase customer engagement.

Computer Vision

Derive meaningful information and extract high-dimensional data from images and videos using computer vision technologies. Our AI and ML experts perform image and video analysis to obtain data that can be used to teach computers.
computer vision

ML Consulting & Optimization

Achieve the benefits of better decision-making and cost savings by deploying ML solutions across various business processes. We offer machine learning consulting and AI consulting to help you identify processes for adoption.
ml consulting
Industry Pioneers

Machine Learning Drives Industry Transformation

Machine learning services catalyze industry transformation through the power of data-driven insights, igniting innovation and maximizing efficiency.


Enhance healthcare with AI to improve diagnostics, care, and patient monitoring for quality and efficiency.


Reinvent retail with AI and ML solutions that are built using next-gen technologies and a data-driven approach.


Deliver a personalized experience to users, detect fraud, and automate tasks with intelligent Fintech solutions. 

Energy & Utilities

Identify trends and anomalies, predict risks, and serve your users with a more personalized experience with AI.

Our Tech Stack for ML Solutions

Our tech stack for machine learning services includes next-gen tools and platforms that enable us to solve complex business challenges by leveraging automation, intelligence, and data.

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We implement the best security standards and employ best practices that ensure data security at every level. We prioritize data security and safeguard your information.


Innovative Minds

We constantly learn and invest in new technologies that enable us to do more with less. We aim to make data accessible for diverse businesses of any size.



Quality makes a difference. We are committed to delivering high-quality solutions that help you optimize processes, reduce costs, and maximize revenue.
Case Studies

Crafting Data Success Stories

As your reliable data partner, we empower global businesses to seize opportunities and drive impactful change

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Comprehensive Healthcare Survey Application with Omni-Channel Capabilities

Healthcare Survey

Reshaping Yard Management Systems with Efficient Container Placement

Yard Management

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Key Stages in Our Machine Learning Process

We offer AI and ML consultation to help identify use cases that are well-suited for automation and intelligence with ML-based software solutions.
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