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In the fast-paced logistics and supply chain world, data and AI have become the driving forces behind efficiency, precision, and transformative services. Stay ahead of the curve and gain visibility by investing in data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.
Logistic Supply Chain
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Improving Supply Chain Performance: Real-World Results

Through our data and AI-driven solutions, we have witnessed remarkable outcomes in supply chain optimization for clients across the world
Operational Cost

30% Reduction in Operational Costs

by leveraging predictive analytics and automation

Delivery Times

20% Improvement in Delivery Times

With AI-driven route optimization and real-time data

Inventory Reduction

15% Inventory Cost Reduction

Through real-time inventory management

Operational Efficiency

30% Increase in Operational Efficiency

With a centralized data warehouse and streamlined operations

Navigate Supply Chain

Navigating the Next In Supply Chain with Data

We offer a suite of data and AI-driven solutions that empower your supply chain, ensuring timely deliveries, cost optimization, and streamlined operations. From route optimization to real-time tracking and predictive maintenance, we’ve got it all covered.

Our Solutions & Services

Predective Analysis

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics in supply chain and logistics empower you to forecast demand, optimize routes, and minimize costs, ensuring efficient operations and on-time deliveries. Enable proactive risk management and maintain the resilience of the supply chain with predictive analytics.

Route Optimize

Route Optimization

Route optimization utilizes data-driven insights to design the most efficient delivery routes to reduce costs and enhance delivery speed. With AI-powered route planning, ensure the shortest, fastest, and cost-efficient route considering real-time data.

Warehouse Automation

Warehouse Automation

Integrate AI-powered automation to streamline warehouse operations, increasing efficiency and accuracy. Data and AI-driven warehouse optimization help you effectively manage inventory, optimize resource allocation, and foster cost-effective logistics."

Container Detect

Container Detect Detection

Our cutting-edge container detection system excels in identifying container defects with remarkable accuracy. By harnessing the power of deep learning models and automated techniques, it identifies a wide range of detects, including punctures, dents, bends, and rust to ensure reliable, faster, and precise defect detection.

Supply Chain Management

Amidst ever-evolving consumer demand, apply AI to forecast demands, automate analysis, and optimize routes based on insights. Supply chain management, powered by data and AI, involves the strategic use of technology and analytics to optimize resource allocation, reduce operational costs, and ensure seamless product delivery.

Customize AI Solution

Customized AI Solutions

Tailor AI solutions to address specific challenges within transportation, logistics, and supply chain processes. We understand your business requirements and design tailored solutions that meet your needs.

Insights-infused Future of Logistics & Supply Chain


Efficient Resource Allocation

AI and data-driven solutions enable optimal resource utilization to ensure minimized costs and increased profitability.


Real-time Visibility

Gain real-time visibility into every aspect of the supply chain for proactive issue detection and resolution.


Predictive Insights

Predictive insights empower businesses to make informed, data-driven decisions that drive strategic growth and agility.

Reimagine Supply Chain & Logistics with Ridgeant

Case Studies

Crafting Data Success Stories

As your reliable data partner, we empower global businesses to seize opportunities and drive impactful change

Restaurant Analytics Dashboard To Maximize Profits And Boost Revenue Using Power BI

In today’s highly competitive restaurant industry, making data-driven, AI-based decisions is crucial for sustained success. Our client, a prominent restaurant chain in UAE, wanted to utilize data to stay ahead of the rest by optimizing pricing, a
Restaurant Analytics Dashboard

AI-Driven Dynamic Pricing Optimization

Dynamically optimize prices based on market demands and historical data using AI methodologies to improve customer satisfaction and increase sales.
AI Driven Dynamic Pricing

Automated Housekeeping Auditing Of Properties In Hospitality

This automated housekeeping solution aims to save time and effort by automating housekeeping audits using AI image analysis.
Automated Housekeeping

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